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Robert Johnson


How long does it take for dark circles to disappear?

These days i do not sleep well and there are dark circles under my eyes. Wondering how long it will take for these annoying dark circles to disappear.
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  • Florentino


    Takes away the bags under my eyes. Takes 10 years off my face. I bought under eye trestment serum of dermalmd from online at the end of march, used it every day and lasted until vacation. Just had to buy another one. It also works on large pores and forehead wrinkles. Best face product I've ever used my dark circle is completly gone now.
  • Jason lester


    It depends. Some make it disappeared within one week but some failed even with 1 year time or even more. The most important thing is that you should find a suitable way to remove dark circles and keep it done each day. But for all we suggest better do not stay up all night.
  • Poonam


    How long it will take dark circles removing with milk


    If this is the first time for you to get the dark circles under the eyes because of the unwell sleep, you will get recovery after a week with the precondition that you sleep well. However, you'd better eat the food with vitamin A which could get rid of the dark circles under the eyes. Thus you will get recovery as soon as possible.
  • Danielle lewis


    It is really hard to give you the answer because the time you need depend on how you treat your eyes and how heave your dark circles. Usually, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and get enough Vitamin K can help you treat dark circles. If your dark circles are bot enough, it may disappear several days. If you have serious dark circles and ignore it, it may takes a very long time. Anyway, you can also sue cosmetic way to help you get rid of dark circle looks.
  • Eric


    Dark circles form as a result of that the flow of capillary blood under the skin hindered is impeded around the eye as well as the calculation of melanin. It's not easy to remove stubborn dark circles. But you can take some measures to relieve this symptom at the onset of the dark circles forming. Firstly, you must guarantee adequate sleeping time or dark circles will never be away from you. Then you can choose a befitting eye cream and keep on wiping it every morning and evening. Drinking lemonade or applying eye masks may play a role in that.