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How long does photophobia last?

I got photophobia. How long will it last? Is there any treatment that can cure it?
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  • Carlos quick


    Well, it is hard to say the certain time, for it all depends on your situation and the causes. For some situation, it just last several days, while for others, it can last 10years. As we know that photophobia is eye discomfort in bright light. And when you get it, your eyes will feel sensitive when you have some light get into your eyes. Of course, an infection or inflammation that irritates the eyes can cause photophobia. For you, you can just console it with the doctor, he may give you some eye exam. And then the surgery may be taken. Of course, for some situation, you just need to have some eye drops.
  • Melanie


    Photophobia is the most obvious eye problems. Eh, generally speaking, photophobia means that people is afraid of light and sensitive to light. While, my elder sister (a doctor) told me that photophobia is a symptom of abnormal intolerance to visual perception of light. But what do really cause photophobia? I did a deep search online and found that several different medical conditions may lead to photophobia , such as the eye or the nervous system, that is , too much light entering eyes, overstimulation of the photoreceptors in the retina, excessive electric impulses to the optic nerve and excessive response in the central nervous system. And there are still some common causes which may develop photophobia, they are migraine headaches, cataracts. The best treatment for light sensitivity is to address the underlying cause. If you really got photophobia, visit a doctor as soon as possible and take a note from him/her and receive a good treatment.
  • cowboyfrom666


    Well, so sorry to know that you have got photophobia which is quite terrible you know? And generally speaking, it would last for quite a long period of time and could bring great inconvenience to your daily life. So, from what I know, it is resulted from a immune deficiency which could be cured. So, what you need to do is to consult a doctor in a large professional hospital and eliminate the root of your problem.

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