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Katelyn smith


Are dark circles under eyes normal after cataract surgery?

Is it normal to get dark circles under eyes after cataracts surgery? If so, how can i treat it?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, yes, it is normal to have dark circles after you have taken the eye surgery. So for your situation, you need pay more attention to your eyes. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes will become sensitive and fragile, it is likely to have some eye problems, such as dark circles and eye bags. You need to have a good rest, and also, applying some black oil will be effective too. So just have a try. By the way, after the surgery, the eye infection occurs frequently, so just wear an eye patch to protect your eyes.
  • cha0s_engel


    After the cataract surgery, there are many side effects which could be temporary if you treat them well. Thus, it is normal to have the dark circles under the eyes after the cataract surgery because of the blocked blood circulation. You could have the good rest for the eyes, intake more food with vitamin C, drink some tea and others. If you have the good habit of life, such symptom will disappear soon.
  • Kanwal


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