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Has anyone purchased progressives from Costco? Are they expensive?

I have worn progressives for around ten years and I have spent so much money on them. Recently, my eye doctor increased my distance prescription but I do not want to buy a new pair there. I would like to switch to Costco. Are the progressives expensive there?
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  • hands4god


    I just bought a pair of progressives from Costco a few month ago. This is the first pair so I have something to compare them to.But they've worked great for me and were a very reasonable price. The fitting was very thorough and I was impressed with their service!
  • warren


    As to me, I picked up my progressive 1.67 glasses at Costco. I also have worn progressive for 10 years and I have had about 4 pairs from Lenscratters, 2 pairs from independent stores, 2 pairs from local opthamologists and 1 pair from Veteran Affairs Optical. This new pair from Costco are the clearest and least distortion producing lens I have ever had. In the past the least I have ever paid for progressives was about $600. These from Costco were $229.97. The only con is Costco's selection of men's wire frames is a bit limited. But if you are looking for basic, distortion free, scratch protected, anti-glare progressives you can't beat Costco.
  • Brooke peters


    I paid the $129.00 for my new glasses at Costco, that includes the new digital poly-carbonate progressive lenses with their standard AR, (which I was told compares to a mid range Crizal product). Didn't pay for an upgrade on AR or lenses materials, and extra coatings like hydrophobic, EMR/scotch guard/teflon (you know) were either not available or not offered to me. It concerned me that they did not have a company or brand name of the lens manufacturer or AR. I like to investigate before buying. My previous pair was purchased at Binyon's, progressives upgraded to Trivex or Varilux, not sure now and paid extra for their AR: ClearShield used to have Eagle Vsion 4.0 which I liked better, but they were fine. All said and done I paid the same for 2 pair of progressive glasses at Costco as I did at Binyons for one pair, even with a 50% coupon. The frames alone are twice the price! But Costco's selection is not as vast. Hope this help for you.