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Vanessa george


How can I verify that my eyeglasses are blue light blocking glasses?

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  • Benjamin gary


    If your eyeglasses are tinted the blue-color coating, then they are able to block blue light. With blue light blocking coating, it is just the color that does it. There are no special filters, it's just that amber color that does the job. Look up at the sky , you don't see blue , all you see is a grayish/white sky but all other colors are vivid.
  • campbell


    Lenses that block all blue light are usually amber colored and make your surroundings look yellow or orange. The tint supposedly makes distant objects appear more distinct, especially in snow or haze. For this reason, amber sunglasses are popular among skiers, hunters, boaters, and pilots.
  • cocky_bitch


    Actually, only eyeglasses with orange-brown lenses can block the blue light. So it is so easy for you to verify.