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What are aspheric lenses?

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  • Carlos rodney


    An aspheric lens is a lens whose surfaces profile neither a portion of a sphere nor of a circular cylinder. Since it is not spherical, the conventional processes no longer apply to making aspheric surfaces. This is why aspheric cost many times what spherical surfaces do.In optics, a lens assembly that includes an aspheric element is often called an aspheric lens.
  • Josh


    Aspherics lenses are ideal for strong prescriptions because they are flatter and thinner. They also provide better vision than ordinary lenses and look better because they lessen farsighted eye magnification and nearsighted eye minification.
  • Burke


    The word "aspheric" means "not spherical."So, an aspheric lens is not shaped like a ball. The contours of the front surface change from the center of the lens to the edges. Aspheric lenses are designed to guide light rays through the lens so that they all focus together on the retina, and this design results in flatter lenses. Aspheric lenses are lighter, since there is less mass, making eyewear more comfortable. The aspheric design is available in CR-39, mid index 1.54, 1.56, 1.57 and polycarbonate (index 1.59). It is also available in high index 1.60, 1.66 and 1.70. A high index aspheric lens will provide the flattest, thinnest and lightest lens available with superior optics.