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Where to buy eyeglasses in Los Angeles?

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  • chrisss_129


    For those of us looking for something a little nicer than whatever you can pick out on the cheap rack at LensCrafters or Costco, here are some local options where you can get your prescription checked, get your broken frames lovingly fixed and find something fun, sophisticated or vintage. 1. Society of the Spectacle 2. Old Focals,they sell vintage frames or frames that could pass for vintage. 3.Gogosha Optique,this isn't the place for people who love name brands emblazoned on their spectacles. Gogosha offers frames that are handmade with independent designs. You won't find logos on their glasses, but they will be devastatingly hip.
  • copyofme


    As I know, I highly suggest Gentlemen's Breakfast which specializes in vintage, never-been-used eyeglasses,sunglasses among other gentlemanly accessories. Another store is Hotel de Ville, which also specializes in vintage glasses, though they also carry contemporary European glasses. It seems that Los Angeles loves their vintage frames.
  • NANA


    I suggest you buy from an online eyeglasses shop. Almost none of your local shops will be cheap. Probably the cheapest glasses in your local shops will be 70 or 80 but for crappy looking glasses. If you want high quality and cheap order online from I recommend them because I've been buying from them. Their glasses really are awesome and cheap. I trust them 100% so you should too. Let's stop being ripped off by our local eyeglasses shops and start ordering online. Good luck!