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How do contact lenses feel in the eyes at the first time?

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  • charger101


    The fact is that at first, it will feel very strange to wear contacts. Not painful, not uncomfortable, just different. some people describe it as feeling as if you have extra tears in your eyes; it feels odd but not uncomfortable. If it actually hurts your eyes, then it has been incorrectly inserted, so remove it, clean it and re-insert it into the eye.The first time a contact lens is inserted it can make you vision a bit blurred for a few seconds. This is the lens settling onto the correct part of your eye. The blurriness soon passes. Others find that their eyes become very dry when they first insert their lenses. If this happens to you, inform your optometris.
  • george


    You may feel the lenses slightly on your eyes for the first few days. Normally this awareness disappears quickly, so that you are unaware of your lenses almost all the time; sometimes you may feel them slightly when you walk outside or into an air conditioned room, but blinking usually removes any brief lens awareness. It is not uncommon to feel your lenses slightly at the end of the day as they become slightly dry, often due to working on computers (when you do not blink as often as normal) and in air conditioning. You may need to use comfort drops (as discussed with your optometrist). If you are planning a night out it is often helpful to remove your lenses for a few minutes break, and then rinse and reinsert them.