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Does online glasses are of lesser quality because they are cheaper?

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  • Jack


    Not necessarily, since glasses prices vary widely. I shopped for the same pair of glasses online and at walk-in stores and found prices ranging from $80 online to $160 in-store. That's twice the price! Online retailers say they can offer steep discounts because of volume sales and no overhead. Many frames cost more because they have a designer name on them, but if that's not important to you, you can save big.
  • Marissa george


    Not really. Online eyeglasses store does not have overhead and they do not need to pay the rent for the store. Moreover, they have less staff to guide you to choose the frame. You need to follow the word instructions to pick up a pair you like and place an order. However, the quality of the eyeglasses is somewhat the same with those in brick and mortar store. Hope this helpful.
  • Alexia gerard


    Not really. When it comes to online glasses, they are cheaper than those displayed in the brick and mortar store. Because the online shop does not have shop rent as well as inventory. All of these will reduce the cost for the shop. However, the quality of the eyewear online is the same as good as those displayed in the brick and mortar store. Naturally, the price for online eyewear is much lower than those in brick and mortar store.