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How much do the eyeglasses with fake lens cost?

I want glasses just for style. Is there anyone know how much do glasses with fake lens cost? Are they expensive? Where to find these glasses at cheap prices?
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  • Zoe


    i can't give you an answer because the prices for eyeglasses with fake lenses are different from each pair and each eyeglasses shop. If you didn't need vision aids, i suggest you to buy eyeglasses with fake lenses online that are average cheaper than real shop. I find some cheaper eyeglasses frames at where most of them are sold less than $ 30. Hope this help you.
  • andrew


    non prescription glasses are cheaper than prescription glasses. If you want to get glasses with fake lenses for a good price, I strongly suggest you to find them at online eyeglasses stores. The price of fake glasses is various but do not cost you much money. You just google non prescription glasses and many sites are available. Guess what, some sites are offering free eyewear, maybe you can get glasses with fake glasses for free.

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