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What causes my eyes burn after frying food?

I was just frying food and now feel burning eyes. What causes that? Can anyone help me get out of that?
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  • b3li3ve


    When you fry food in kitchen, the food and grease and food molecules will release into the air. If the food and grease and food molecules get your eyes transmitted by air. That may cause your feel eye burn. So, you need to wash your face and eyes with clean water immediately. Hope this will help you.
  • Brittany


    Ok, it seems that you have splashed some oil drips into your eyes, which might be very harmful. Anyway, you should know that it could be quite dangerous for us to fry food without any protection measures. And those hot oil could make your eyes pain for a long time. Anyway, you should try to get some normal saline to thoroughly flush your eyes and you must not rub your eyes. Also, try to get some eye drops and see a doctor if necessary.

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