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What are pros and cons of contact lenses?

I am sick of wearing my prescription contact lenses and plan to buy contact lenses. I want to know more information about advantage and disadvantages of contact lenses for the sake of my eye health. Thanks.
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  • everetthol


    Wearing contact lenses has its own advantages 1. To maintain the natural face of the wearer. 2. No pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears. 3. Suitable for anisometropia (two refractive difference> 2.00D). 4. Suitable for some special professions (such as soldiers, actors, athletes, etc.). 5. Cosmetic results (colored contact lenses to cover up the walleye), eyes decreased resistance Although many people are wearing contact lenses, but it also has its cons: 1. Result to in visual fatigue 2.Dry eyes, allergies eye 3. Corneal abrasion and can not accept the correction 4. To cause eyes paralysis and so on. So, if we wear contact lenses, we must be pay attention to eye health.
  • John clark


    Contact lenses is really great invention for people with poor vision. With it, they can see the world clear without eyeglasses. They release our eyes and nose from eyeglasses. Wearing contact lenses won't change your appearance. And others can't judge if you are poor vision. Contact lenses provide your vision aids in a "nature" way. But wearing contact lenses is likely hurt your cornea and cause eye infections. So, you shall be careful of wearing contact lenses.

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