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Does lack of sleep cause black eyes?

Is it possible to get black eyes from lacking of sleep? If so, how to treat it?
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  • b1t3_m3_8748


    Yeah, if we have the black eyes, I think we will be less beautiful than without the black eyes. As a matter of the fact, many people are trying to find ways to reduce the black eyes; as to the question "does lack of sleep can cause the black eyes?" I just want to tell you that do not blame the sleep, because lacking of sleep will not cause the dark eyes, which are like your eyes are hit while you are sleeping. Until now, there is not enough evidence to explain why you will have the black eyes, but according to some elder people, they said that is because someone we do not known as the ghost hit us. Pls relax yourself. When you wake up the next day, you just need to apply the ripe egg on the black eyes slightly. After some time, the black eyes will disappear.
  • Kaylee


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get black eyes because of the lack of sleep. Once you lack the good sleep, the body normal work pace, including the blood circulation, will be affected. Thus, it is easy to let the eye nerves and eyes blood pressure get obstructed. You should have the good rest first. Keeping the good mood, you should have the healthy diet. Then you will find the black eyes disappear.
  • Miranda hall


    Lack of sleep may cause your black eyes, but in most cases it won't be the reason, because black eyes always show up when the capillaries are broken under your skin. Most people will get I will black eyes when they were punched at eyes by some else. The secondary reason may be your blood circulation was disturbed by some particular reason, you need to see a doctor. But before that you can eat dates every day that would be so helpful. Or you can take some Vitamin supplements to make you full of energy, and then your blood circulation may recover soon.