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Is it bad if vaseline gets in my eye?

I get some vaseline in my eyes. It is really umcomfortable. Does vaseline cause damages to eyes?
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  • Brittany dale


    If you wash it out, it will not cause the damages to your eyes. The chemical name of vaseline is glycerol which is very stable. If you eat it, it's not digested and absorbed, with no harm to human body. You should wash it out with the clean water to stop the discomfort. At the same time, you could use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the painful feeling.
  • Sig


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes now. As you can see, vaseline is used to keep our hands moist during winter season. It is basically made of chemical stuff and other plants, which is irritative to your eyes. Of course, if not properly and timely taken care of, you are likely to suffer infections and red eyes. So, I suggest that you use plenty of clean water to wash your eyes, or get some medical care before it is too late.


    Take it easy, I do not think that Vaseline could cause damage to eyes. If you feel umcomfortable, you can wash your eyes with clean water several times and then drip some eyedrops. Vaseline is a petroleum products with oil shape. Its main raw materials are wax grease from residuum remained after the atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation of crude oil and lubricant oil with different viscosity blended according to the demand. Whether it is used officinal or used as cosmetics, it needs to be refined further. As far as the scientists are concerned, Vaseline has nothing but the carbon hydrogen chemical compound which has chemical inertia. It can be applied onto the skin to keep skin moisture and keep the skin tissue of the trauma in best form to accelerate the personal repair capacity. In addition, Vaseline does not have the ability to sterilize, it just prevents the germ in the air from getting in touch with the skin to reduce the possibility of infection.