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Jocelyn david


Can rubbing your eyes cause black eye?

It is possible to get black eyes from rubbing eyes? Are there any treatments that can help the black eyes heal quickly?
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  • Zorka Phillis


    yes it can, that is exactly what happened to me. I rubbed the corners of my eyes and over an hr or so I had two black eyes (red & black) in the corners on the side of my nose, incredible didn't even know till someone asked what happened! one side was worse than the other, so I must have rubbed harder on one.
  • fergus


    Yes, rubbing your eyes can cause black eye if you are rubbing something into your eyes or rubbing too hard. When you rub your eyes, it is easy for you to get eye infection and result in red eyes. If you rub your eyes roughly, you will break your eye skin and your blood circulation. In that case, black eyes appear. If you have black eyes, you can apply some eye drops to help your eyes relieve and also use vitamin E oil under your eyes. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that can keep skin fresh and young and reduce dark circles. Moreover, you should eat some food full of vitamin A and carotene.
  • Gail


    No, it would not cause that. A black eye is a relatively common result of injury to the face or the head. It would occur when blood and other fluids collect around the eye area, swelling and dark discoloration. That is to say, black eye would be occurred when there is powerful and strong enough force to break your thin blood vessels around your eye area. Rubbing you your eyes, there is not possible to cause black eye. In order to cure your black eyes, you should take a rest and place ice at the early stage after the injury, to help to decrease swelling and pain. Because ice can constrict blood vessels and decrease fluid accumulation. But you should wrap the ice in a cloth to avoid potential cold injury.
  • Tim


    Yes it can happen. I rubbed my itchy eye so much it was black the next day
  • Jackson raphael


    Usually the black eyes will be caused by the strong knock on the eyes parts. And the small movement like the rubbing will not cause the eyes get black. However, if you have the black eyes, you should keep the good habit of diet. And you should not drink or smoke. In addition, you should have a good rest for the eyes. Thus, your black eyes will get recovery quickly.
  • skc


    I have itchy eyes from allergies and I rub them near my nose and get black eyes. I never had the issue til I got older