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Can i eat seafood after lasik surgery?

I just took a lasik surgery, It is OK if i eat some seafood? Why or why not?
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  • enternalhate


    You'd better not eat the seafood. If your skin belongs to the sensitive one, eating seafood will make it possible for you to get the skin problems which will affect the eye parts. You should eat the light food with no stimulating materials. You should not drink or smoke after the lasik surgery. And you should not use the computer or read books often which will affect your eye vision.
  • Hunter jackson


    It is better for you not to have sea food for at least two weeks after the surgery. Actually after the surgery, you can have normal diet as you did before, and have more vegetables which contain fiber. And the doctor might told you not have sea food after this surgery, for it may increase the risk of allergy and cause any complications. Anyway, it is best for you to follow what the doctor told you. Also some other points you need to pay attention to. 1. Don't bend down to avoid pressure on the eye. 2. Avoid getting anything into your eyes, including water. 3. Avoid driving for at least weeks after this surgery. 4. It is really a must for you to take the medicines and eye drop which are prescribed by your doctor. Take good care of your eyes, so that you can get better soon.
  • Stephanie


    You'd better not to eat seafood after the lasik surgery, because seafood will make your recovery harder and the session will last longer, then you will suffering longer. It is generally known that seafood is fool of protein, but they are not the same type of protein like eggs and peanuts, they are much more febrile, and then will make your wound get infection easier. On top of that, appropriate protein like eggs and peanuts are good for your recovery, but more you get the side effect will show up. So try to avoid taking any seafood, that's good for you. Good luck!