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How to instill eye drops after cataract surgery?

Is it ok to use eye drops after cataract surgery as usual way. Any idea?
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  • williams


    You should better stop using the eye drops for a while after the cataract surgery because the eye pressure is not stable. You should protect the eyes carefully. You should have a good rest for the eyes and not use the computer or tv for a long time. After the basic recovery, you could use the eye drops again.
  • Cassidy bell


    Well, after the surgery, there are many things you should pay more attention to. For the eye drops, there is also something you should know. For example, you should use your eye drops on the schedule provided by your doctor. So that it can avoid post-operative complications. And also, you need to apply the eye drops several times daily for about the first week during your cataract surgery recovery. And it is just like the usual way, but just is careful about the irritants. And also, since your eyes are sensitive and fragile, you need more attention to them. For example, you should not expose your eye to irritants such as grime, dust and wind during the first few weeks after surgery. After the procedure, you should avoid bending over, to prevent putting extra pressure on your eye. Anyway, just follow those things your doctor has told you.