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Bernadette Korey


What are recommended styles for mens reading glasses?

I am looking for reading glasses for men? What are fashion reading glasses that can flatter my face? Any good idea?
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  • Jordan


    Speaking of mens reading glasses, there are several styles that are very hot in 2012. For example, horn rimed reading glasses are vintage and favored by lots of men because vintage trend is still popular in 2012. As for classic style, round lens glasses are traditional style and still good choices for men when they are selecting reading glasses. Round lens glasses make them look smart, such as john Lennon round glasses. If you like simple style, rimless reading glasses will make you satisfied.
  • Allison walker


    Since there are many styles to choose frame, mens reading glasses can also be chic and trendy. If you are going to buy reading glasses for men, you can choose nerd glasses frames for your glasses. Recently, nerd frame glasses are flying off the shelves because they have come back to fashion world. I suggest you to take a shot at nerdy reading glasses. You can find many nerd reading lasses at online or offline stores. Take your time and find the one suited you most.

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