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Thomas oliver


will extra wide glasses look good on me ?

I have a little fat but long face. Will a pair of extra wide glasses look good on me?
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  • Derek T.


    Perhaps it would be good choices. Theoretically, wide glasses will be idea choices to flatter long faces, according to the general that people shall choose glasses frames that contrast their face shape. The wide eyeglasses frames can make your face look less long. And the extra wide glasses can make your fat face look smaller, thus to look thinner. So, you can have try of you have extra wide glasses on hand. If not, you can try on a pair of extra wide glasses in shopping mail or "try-on" at online with your photos.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    On the average, that kind of glasses will flatter you. You have a little fat but long face, so you need tall frames that help create a shorter face and rectangular and horizontal styles to make your face appear thinner. And you should avoid choosing glasses that are with small frames that are out of proportion and short frames that accentuate face length. Besides, the choices of color is of the same importance. Choosing a right color will make you look more attractive. Just try them on, and you will know whether they fit you or not.

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