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Can dehydration cause high eye pressure?

It is said that dehydration can cause high eye pressure, is that true? So what should I do to prevent high eye pressure?
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  • Luke oliver


    Yes, it is true. It is very possible that dehydration is able to cause high eye pressure. To prevent high eye pressure, you should firstly increase your fluid intake in a healthy way, such as drinking 8 to 10 glasses of healthy liquids frequently throughout the day to stay sufficiently hydrated. However, you should pay attention that Consuming large quantities of liquids in a short time will also increase eye pressure. In addition, avoid sugary, caffeinated, carbonated and alcoholic beverages so that you can avoid dehydration. Create a balanced diet according to your personal need and rich in fresh vegetables and fruit and then stick to it. Supplements such as vitamins C and E, Omega-3 fatty acids and beta carotene will as well help to protect your optic nerve from damage. It is not conductive to the health of eyes to spend hours continuously staring at the computer screen or television set or even reading books. Therefore, you should pay attention to limit your time of using the eyes to give your eyes adequate and regular rest. It is also desirable to do some eye exercises periodically such as closing your eyes and rotate them in circles to restore energy and improve the circulation of blood to the eyes, which to some extent will help drain excess fluids, toxins and congestion. Under great stress may also lead to high eye pressure. So you should keep in a good and relaxed mood, doing some stress-reducing activities such as tai chi, yoga, visualization techniques and meditation that may have a positive impact on eye pressure.
  • steven


    Yes, dehydration will cause your high eye pressure because of the stimulation at the eyes nerves. Your eyes will be too dry which you will feel not comfortable. You'd better use some eye drops to release the symptom. In order to avoid the high eye pressure, you need to keep notice at the healthy diet and good rest. These two aspects are so important which you need to pay attention to.
  • Jonah


    No, it is just a rumor. High eye pressure or ocular hypertension is caused by accumulation of aqueous humor. Aqueous humor is a clear waterlike fluid filling the space between iris and cornea produced by ciliary body. When the aqueous humor can't be drained out properly, the pressure of eyes increase. As a result, the optical nerves nearby can be pressed and damaged. While dehydration refers to excessive loss of body water. They have little to do with each other. To prevent high eye pressure, you need to 1. Have your intraocular pressure tested regularly by your oculist and watch the number closely from time to time. 2. Avoiding eye strain or lack of rest 3. Don't use your eyes in extreme environment. For example, you shouldn't play with your cellphone with light off.