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Can head lice cause itchy eyes ?

Can head lice affect on our eyes? Is it possible to causes itchy eyes?
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  • Marissa george


    Yes, head lice will affect your eyes. If you are not in the hygiene habit in life, your eyes will get affection too. Your eyes will be dry and feel itchy which you need to pay attention to because of the interlinked nerves in the whole body. You should use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to cure the itchy eyes. You could also use some warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Robert ja


    Yes, it is possible to get itchy eyes if you had head lice. The infection with head lice is called pediculosis. Head lice are a kind of parasites which holds on to hair with hook-like claws that are found at the end of each of their six legs. In spite of the fact that head lice are rarely found on the body, eyelashes, or eyebrows, it is most common that head lice happens on the scalp behind the ears as well as on the scalp near the neckline at the back of the neck, which makes it quite easy to have certain side effects on the human eyes. There are several symptoms if people get head lice. For example, people will feel a tickling of something moving in the hair, itches caused by the an allergic reaction to the bites, sores on the head if people usually scratch where they feel tickling, and these sores on the head can sometimes become infected, as well as irritability and itchy eyes. The affected people as well as their affected houses should be treated by over-the-counter or prescription medications. At the same time, the patient should use some antibiotic eye drops or eye cream to reduce the condition of itchy eyes in case that the itchy eyes get more serious. Pay attention to personal hygiene as well as the cleaning job of eyes. Use physiological saline to wash the itchy eyes two or three times a day if it is necessary.
  • Katelyn


    No, head lice won't cause itchiness in the eye but only on the scalp. Head lice or head louse is a kind of parasite which can only be removed by picking out or pesticide.Head lice often cause tickling sensation in the hair, constant itchiness, pain from scratching, and difficulty in sleep.But all these symptoms only occur to the scalp.