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Can welders wear contact lenses?

Is it Ok for a welder to wear contact lenses? Do you have such experiences? Or it will be dangerous to wear it when a welders work?
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  • califractal


    No, it is not ok for a welder to wear contact lenses because of the fire sparks which will not only cause damages to your eyes but also let your contact lenses be melted in the high temperature. It is dangerous to wear it when a welders work. You should protect the eyes very much. You should wear the protected goggles during welding.
  • cheryl


    Welders are one of the jobs whose operators are not suggested to wear contact lenses, because the sparks or flares can burn the contact lenses which can't last long in heat. If a welder wear contact lenses to work, it is likely that his cornea may be burnt and the contact lenses won't be able to removed without surgery.
  • Barry


    A welder had better not choose wearing eye contact lenses when he or she is welding. This is because that sometimes it is bad and dangerous. Generally speaking, eye contacts lenses process low melting points, which determines that the contacts lenses can melt when the temperature is high and thus damage the eyes that are wearing them. During the work of weltering, in spite of the fact that the welder has a pair of safety goggles or some eye protectors, the action of wearing eye contact lenses still have potential danger of getting the eyes burned and damaged by the melting contact lenses under the condition of staying close to a working welder. Therefore, a welder had better not wear eye contact lenses during the work. Instead, use the quality eye protectors too prevent the eyes from getting harmed. And if the eyes feel uncomfortable such as pain or feeling like sands in the eyes, use sterile eyewash solution or certain eye drops to ease the eyes and reduce the pain and discomfort. If the pain or discomfort in the eyes continue for more than twenty-four hours, it is better to go to the doctor’s for an examination and get in time treatment in case that the condition get worse. Besides, other people who wear eye contact lenses should not linger around the site of welding, neither. After work, the welder had better eat more vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water which is good to the eyes.
  • Rebecca


    wearing contact lenses poses no problem for welders in most normal situations. Wear contact lenses in industrial environments, in combination with appropriate industrial safety eyewear, except where there is likelihood of injury from intense heat, massive chemical splash, highly particulate atmosphere or where specific regulations prohibit such use.
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