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Austin shelley


How to get a child to wear an eyepatch?

My daughter got hurt in her left eye, and the doctor said that she should wear an eye patch in case of an eye infection. I want to know that how to get a child to wear an eyepatch.
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  • Vivian


    Yes, your child should wear the eye patch to avoid the further eye infection. You could just let the rope around her head and put the eye patch just on the surface of the left eye. Then you see whether it is just in the right position. If it is not, you could adjust the position. During this time, you should not let your daughter eat the spicy food which may stimulate the eyes nerves.
  • Luke oliver


    It is not very difficult for you to get your daughter to wear an eye patch. You need to suggest her by telling her the advantages of wearing eye patch or that she will wear it for fewer days if she well wears it. Distract her attention while she has an eye patch on. After you have put the patch on her, let her to watch her favorite TV program or play with toys. At this time, she will forget that she is wearing an eye patch and will keep wearing it hereafter. You can also encourage her to wear an eye patch by promising that you will give her an award as soon as she does not need the patch anymore. However, it is important to adjust the patch to make sure that it will not cause discomfort to your daughter.
  • James taylor


    This is definitely kind of difficult to make a child girl to wear eye patch because the little may think it ugly or inconvenient. However, there are some methods here which may help you to convince your little daughter to wear the eye patch. First of all, you can tell her that this eye patch is intended to help to get her injured eyes recovered and it is endowed with magical power so that the person who wears it will soon have his or her eyes become healthy and beautiful again. So the child may be going to regard the eye patch as something sacred and magical instead of something ugly or nasty trouble. Secondly, you can tell her that if she does not wear the eye patch just as the doctor has asked, the condition of her injured eyes will become worse, which will definitely make her eyes not as nice and they used to look like. This can to a certain degree help the child listen to the advice of the parents or the doctor instead of taking their advice for granted and looks down on the eye patch. Then you can offer some incentives or rewards to encourage and praise her listening to the advice of wearing the eye patch, such as buying her a little doll or giving her some beautiful candies, or something else that she may have been looking forward to for a very long time. Just remember that the child is too young to listen to big reasons, therefore the best way is to encourage and love them.

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