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Can teething cause eye irritation?

It is possible to get eye irritation because of teething? How can teething affect on our eyes?
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    As far as I am concerned, teething has little to do with eye irritation. The symptoms of teething includes irritability, mouth watering, and swollen gum. During teething process, a baby will become irritable due to the discomfort in his or her gums. He may try to distract himself by rubbing eyes or touching ears and gums.
  • Brian Clem


    Yes, it is possible for you to get eye irritation because of teething. The nerves in the eyes and teeth are interlinked. When you have the teething problems, your eyes nerves will be affected, too. Thus, you should better treat the teething problem first. Then you could also use some eye drops to release the symptom of eye irritation. The warm compress could also be the good way.
  • Jason


    Yes, it is possible to get eye irritation because of teething. There is an old saying in China: Toothache is not a disease, the pain to life. It is not unusual when you get eye irritation. It may also impact other organs such as heart, kidney and eyes. There are two reasons to explain it. The first one is pain radiation. That is to say teething may lead pain in the nerves surrounded. Second, it is created by the bacterium in the periodontal pockets. This kind of bacterium not only cause periodontitis but also infect other organs. Another Chinese old saying: It is better for the doer to undo what he has done. So if you get eye irritation initiated due to teething, go to see your dentist as soon as you can. By the way, brushing every day is a good way in the prevention of toothache.