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Sara scott


Where can i get glasses like what hillary clinton wears ?

Have you seen the eyeglasses hillary clinton worn? It seems great. Do you have any idea where can i get such eyeglasses?
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  • walki


    State Hillary Clinton wears eyeglasses not just for a new look. She has been wearing such thick rimmed eyeglasses just for vision aids. After recovering from a concussion and being treated for a blood clot between her brain and skull, she needs eyeglasses to correct double vision due to "Lingering issues' of Concussion". And her eyeglasses are made of Fresnel prism. If you don't have any eye problem, you needn't buy such eyeglasses. If your eye doctor suggests you wear eyeglasses with prism lenses, you may consider buying the eyeglasses that Hillary Clinton wears. I just search online and find a web site: You can have a look. Hope this can help get what you want.
  • Randy C


    She wears thick-rimmed eyeglasses, black frames, transplant eyeglasses, Mardi Gras beads, etc. And she wears eyeglasses instead of contact lenses because of her post-concussion double vision recently. The black-framed eyeglasses can be found at many places. You can find those Hillary Clinton style glasses in local stores and online stores. When you google Hilary Clinton glasses and you will see many websites selling them. Find the one that suits you most.
  • evet


    All right , I got it, you are quite interested in the type of glasses that the former first lady wears right? Anyway, the type of her choice is called nerd glasses that is quite large. And such glasses are quite popular nowadays, which makes them very available at nearly every large optical centres, you could might as well try to take a look at Amazon or Ebay for more options and prices.