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Gabriella rodney


Why is hillary clinton wearing glasses?

I notice that Hillary Clinton wears eyeglasses since she got a concussion and blood clot in December 2012. I am just wondering why she swaps out her contact lenses for glasses?
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  • Jonathan griffin


    As you know, Hillary Clinton was hospitalized to treat a blood clot between her brain and skull. But there are lingering issues stemming from her concussion, according to a spokesman, Philippe Reines. So, she changed her contact lenses for eyeglasses for vision aids. And i heard the eyeglasses she wears have an adhesive Fresnel prism that is used to help her focus. With the eyeglasses, she looks fine. And according to the newspaper, the Fresnel prism is made to help people with double vision or muscle weakness in the eye to focus.
  • eclipseracer01


    Hillary Clinton While appearing before Congress Wednesday, the outgoing secretary of state replaced her usual contacts with a special pair of glasses. That's true that she wears eyeglasses to replace her contact lenses. Hillary Clinton cannot give a clear explanation in public, however, her spokesman Philippe Reines said that this change just because of lingering issues due to her concussion. That is Hillary Clinton has to correct post-concussion double vision. At the end of 2012, Hillary Clinton suffered concussion which leaded to her intracranial bleeding. And the left bleeding still does not be cleaned up. Thus it has a deep effect on her health, even her life. So the doctor uses special eyeglasses to solute her eye problems and keep her eye health. Although we cannot see her beautiful eyes, eyeglasses also enhance her outlook.
  • Warren


    Yes, I noticed that too. She wore a pair of glasses with plastic frames which impressed the media and public a lot. According to some reliable resources, she used to wear contact lenses. But the situation changed since last December, because she had a concussion, which left a blood clot in her head. Because of the impact from this blood clot, she had double vision since then. To correct the double vision, it is necessary to use a special Fresnel prism. Anyway, she gave the public a professional and elegant image with those glasses.

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