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Can acupuncture points work for eye strain?

I heard that acupuncture points can work for strain eyes? Really? Can acupuncture points really help?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Yes, I think so. Acupunture works by breaking the blockage of energy moving all over human body. It helps blood circulation by breaking the blockage of Chi and therefore relax the muscles and allay the fatigue. Actually acupuncture is so professional that it requires professional specialist to handle it. Instead, massage doesn't require professionals to operate, which can also help allay the strain of eyes. You can do it by yourself at home. Massage works the same way with acupuncture but milder. Since eye strain is not somewhat eye disease, you can reduce it by changing your habit of using eyes. Don't stare at your computer for hours. You should take frequent breaks to change your vision focus and blink more, which can help relax the muscles and lubricate eyes.
  • Riley eddy


    Strain eyes are most commonly due to tired and inadequate sleep. Also, parts of eye problems are causes of eye strain, such as watery eyes, red eyes and glaucoma. Acupuncture is the most famous and important treatment option in ancient China, which is as lo the cradle of acupuncture. Acupuncture is broad and profound so that many countries want to seek the reasons around the world. In China, everyone has some knowledge about acupuncture and still believe acupuncture is their greatest treatment though we are in medically advanced modern societies. If you want to heal strain eyes through acupuncture, you need visit a traditional Chinese doctor. The traditional Chinese doctor will use thin needles to stab acupuncture points on your body to reduce blood pressure and help with chi in a normal circle in your body. But a good and real traditional Chinese doctor is hard to find, so be careful.

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