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francais anton


Can I wear circle lenses if I am near sighted?

And can I wear the circle lenses with my prescription glasses?
I heard that you can't because the cornea (I think it's called) is either too thick or thin.
I'm not concerned about whether it will fix my vision, but I'm just wondering whether it will fit my eyes and I have glasses that will correct my vision.
I really want to wear circle lenses to make my eyes appear bigger and I was wondering if there was any way to be able to wear them either with my glasses or without.
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  • Gabriella rodney


    Do you mean you want to wear colored contact lenses with circle pattern? If so, you can do it. In facts, there are prescription colored circles contact lenses. If you are nearsighted and need vision aids, you needn't wear the circle lenses with prescription glasses. A pair of prescription circle contact lenses can meet your needs. But before you go buy the contact lenses, you'd better take an eye exam first for prescription for buying proper circle contact lenses.