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Caleb murphy


Does hillary clinton wear glasses?

Have you seen hillary clinton worn eyeglasses? I heard my friend said that she worn it. Just wondering why?
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  • charger101


    Hillary Rodham Clinton wears eyeglasses since in December 2012. In fact, she wears the plastic eyeglasses not for a new look. It is said that Hillary wears eyeglasses to treat double vision. It is said that she suffered from a blood clot near her brain after a fall. And that cause the double vision to her. So, she wear the glasses with Fresnel prism to aid her vision.
  • everybody_cares


    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, an American politician, who is the US Secretary of State. She is serving under President Barack Obama since 2009. Sometimes, she wears eyeglasses. Recently, it is reported that she wore special eyeglasses during her testimony on the Benghazi attack before Congress Wednesday to correct post-concussion double vision.
  • carl


    Yes, she wears glasses. there are many pictures on internet showing that she wears a pair of glasses. Actually she used to wear contact lenses in the past. In December 2012, Hillary had a concussion. And according to reliable resources, she had a blood clot in the brain since then, and thus she suffered from double vision. On 25th January this year, she presented in the public hearing, with a pair of thick glasses. It is special Fresnel prism and this is to help correct her double vision problem. Although she wore the glasses for medical necessity yet it impressed people a lot with the fashion image. If you like Hillary Clinton style galsses, you can find them at many places.