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Randy C


What is acetate glasses frames?

I plan to buy a pair of new eyeglasses. And some friends online recommend me acetate glasses frame. I have no idea. What is acetate glasses frame?
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  • cwalsman


    Acetate eye glass frames are essentially plastic. They are otherwise known as a material called zyl, which is one of the most popular types of frame materials in the eye frame industry. Now almost 2/3 eyeglasses are acetate glasses frames in that acetate glasses frames can be made in hundreds of colors, purple, black with gray, red, blue, gold, etc. And they are cheaper than quality frames. Quality frames require high skilled and great materials because they are too hard to design shapes and carve cartoons. While acetate glasses frames are extremely lightweight and soft which allow designers to create them in any ways. Acetate frames are derived from renewable resources and it can reduce source wasting. Also, acetate glasses frames stand in front of any eyeglasses for their changeable colors and shapes, such as big black cat eyeglasses, round eyeglasses, ray-ban sunglasses. All in all, acetate glasses frames are the typical fashion items among famous people and ordinary people.
  • Noah james


    acetate glasses frames are popular and common nowadays that many people love to choose this kind of glasses. As manufacturing skills developing, there are various material for glasses, including metal, plastic, wood and many other possible new materials. Acetate frames belong to plastic material, with some typical merits. As to environmental protection aspect, it is renewable resources and it is non-petroleum based. And it is hypoallergenic. If you are easy to get allergy, then it is the best choice for you. Besides it is extremely flexible and light weighted which makes you feel comfortable of wearing it. As to fashion, there are hundreds of colors of this kind of material. After introduction above, I love this material too. Actually I already have two pairs of different colors of acetate frames. Hope you can find your favorite frames, yet acetate frame is really a good choice for you to have a try.

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