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How to get my kid to wear her glasses?

My 3 year old daughter was prescribed glasses by the eye doctor. She is farsighted only in one eye and good vision in another. At first she likes to wear them but several days later she doesn't want to wear it any more. How can I get her to wear glasses?
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  • Christopher giles


    To make your kid wearing her glasses, you shall firstly help her understand the importance of wearing her glasses. They can help them get better vision she focus something. Besides, you shall take her when you buy glasses frames and let her choose a favorite and comfortable one. In addition, you shall show her some pictures( search from online) that other kids wearing cute glasses, and let her know that the glasses can make her look more cute and beautiful.
  • cook


    You should try your best to help her understand why she needs to wear glasses and compliment her by saying "you look really great in glasses" or something other. Toddlers often may wear the glasses only when they are in a good mood and reject them when they are not. Getting a good frame fit by an optician and letting her choose her favorite frame is also of great importance.

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