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Can people over 50 wear contact lenses?

Is it OK for people who over 50 wearing contact lenses? Is it harmful to eyes?
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  • Luis lewis


    Technically, people over 50 are not recommended to wear contact lenses. When people are over 50 years old, their skin of the eyelids, muscle tonicity and orbital fat reduce and their lower lids loose. The tear production, tear quality and tear film stability decrease and leads to drier eyes.The corneal endothelial pump function decrease and corneal edema recovery rates are slower. What's more, the visual function is not well enough as the contrast and luminance conditions are low and reduced pupil size. So I think if people over 50 wear contact lenses, there must be harm to their eyes. Contact lenses may give great pressure on their eyes and make their eyes drier and more uncomfortable.
  • bell


    Well, as a matter of fact, with age, people will produce less tears in their eyes, thus, it would not be very appropriate for them to wear contacts. However, with the development of technology, there are some contacts especially designed for those who are elder. However, you should consult a doctor and see what would be suitable for you based on your specific situation.
  • Savannah percy


    Yes, there is no forbidden for elder people who are over 50 to wear contact lenses. However, it is not convenient for those people to wear contact lenses. Because elder people always have an eye disorder that is called presbyopia. It describes as elder people, especially over 50, who could not see nearby object in a clear way. The 3D glasses are used for watching 3D movie. It could cause blurry vision without any 3D effect when you are not watching 3D movie. Only passive 3D glasses do work with prescribed glasses with comfortable.
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