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Why can't some people wear contact lenses?

I heard some people said that they can't wear contact lenses. Why?
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    There are three reasons why some people can't wear contact lenses. First, people who have sensitivities to the material of contact lenses can't wear contact lenses. When their eyes are allergic to the material, they will feel uncomfortable. Second, if people's eyes are too flat or too round, there may be not suitable contact lenses for them too. The shapes of their cornea don't match with the contact lenses. Third, if people who just have surgery on their eyes, it is better for them not to wear contact lenses as well. Wearing contact lenses can make their eyes drier and get more chances to get eye infection.
  • b3autifulxlies


    Nowadays, there are more and more people wear contact lenses. Do you know that not all people can wear contact lenses. Here are 4 situations that can't wear. 1. Contraindication for eyes ( low secretion of tears, low quality of tears, dry eye). Because too little tears or low quality can affect moisture of contact lenses, for one thing cause foreign sensation, for another cause image quality lower. Besides, dacryocystisis/pink eyes/amblyopia/glaucoma sufferer can not wear, either. 2. Contraindication of health, for example, sinusitis patient. Because bacteria can go through nasolacrimal duct to corneas, which cause polluted. Besides, serious diabetes patients/women in the early days of pregnancy/people take medicine of hormones or atropine are unfit for wearing contact lenses either. 3.Contraindication for personal conditions. People who are too old/too young/disabled can not wear themselves. People who has bad personal hygiene or not obey wearing rules can not wear either. 4.Contraindication for environment. If you live or work in serious dust/mog/acids/alkalis/volatile environment, you can not wear either.
  • eomer_byrom


    Actually there are few people who cannot wear contact lenses. That's because they are having sensitivities to wearing lenses, or they are allergic to the disinfecting solution or the contact lenses themselves. So when you decide to wear contact lenses, go to see a doctor first and do eye exam. If you wear contact lenses without your eye's diameter and curvature measuring, you may have increased irritation in your eyes, then a set of eye problems will follow you for a long time in the future.