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Derek T.


Can tooth infection cause swollen eye?

I got tooth infection. It is really terrible. And right now my eyes also become swollen. Can tooth infection cause swollen eye?
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  • Gabriella


    Yes, tooth infection can cause swollen eye. There is association between teeth and eye because the main nerves in the temple are in the face the jaw. So when you get tooth infection, there will be force in your face and your eyes, forcing the eye closed and make eye swelling. So in an attempt to avoid swollen eye, you should go to see a dentist for help first. Then drink more water, use cool water to wash your face and apply eye cream which contains vitamin E to your eye skin.
  • Christina nelson


    Yes, an eye tooth infection can cause swollen eyes. This is because the bubble, which appears on the gum tissue, may produce swelling in the cheek, the side temple or under the eye, causing the eye to be infected. Other causes of puffy eye are allergies, stress, lack of enough sleep and excessive drinking of alcohol. You can treat this condition by drinking plenty of water and using cream puff.

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