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Can I get pink eye from not washing your hands?

If i tough my eyes without washing my hands, can i get pink eyes?
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  • creatingme


    Pink eyes can be infected by not washing hands. Please note the following points: 1. Wash hands frequently. Keep your hands clean at any time. 2. Don't share towel. 3. Don't rub your eyes with hands. 4. Don't touch which pink eyes sufferers touched. 5. Go to the doctor in time if you get pink eyes.
  • Benjamin gary


    Of course you will easy to get pink eyes if you touch the eyes without washing your hands. Pink eye is the common name of the disease infectious conjunctivitis. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation which possibly infected through articles contacts of patients, including used towels, door knobs, water faucets, swimming pool water, public toys etc. This disease would happen all the year around but especially find more in spring and summer in public places. So it usually easy to outbreaks in kindergarten, school, hospital, factory and so on. Actually, it's easy to get but still have way to protect; good health habit would prevent the bacteria or viruses pass through hands to eyes. Please washing hands before dinner and after toilet, pay attention your personal hygiene and make sure of frequently clean, to avoid using hands rubbing your eyes are also very important.
  • Erin


    Well, in some degree, it can be possible for you to have pink eyes, for your eyes can be infected, if you do not wash your hands. You should know that hands can carry many bacteria. So bacteria can invade into your eyes, when your hands touch your eyes. And then, it can lead to pink eyes. As we know that pink eye is redness and inflammation of the membranes covering the whites of the eyes and the membranes on the inner part of the eyelids. And generally speaking, it can be caused by irritation, allergies, eyestrain, environment, wearing contact lenses, dry eyes. So anyway, you should not do that. If you get pink eyes, you can put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently. And also, drop some eye drops, so it can relieve the symptom. Also, there are also some other symptoms such as itching, burning or stinging, discharge, swelling, watering, when you get pink eyes. So you should wash your hands carefully before you touch your eyes. And also, if you just touch your eyes one time, it can be fine.

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