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Zachary eddy


How to get a leaf out of my eye ?

A leaf got into my eyes. Is there anyway to get it out of my eyes? Any idea?
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    First, you can use eye drops to wash your eyes. Second, you put in some Bacitracin in some water and wash your eyes again. Or you can cry in order to make use of the tears to rinse the leaf. Third, wash your eyes twice until your eyes feel comfortable. If these don't work, you should go to see a doctor.
  • Joseph bell


    As for the different article, there has some different methods for you to get the foreign body out of your eyes. The first one, please do not rub your eyes after it's happening to avoid the bruise of your corneal. You can close your eyes for several minutes, if the tears will rush it out, you can wink your eye, and the foreign body will rush out of your eyes. If it is a hard article, please prepare a basin of clean water; put your eyes under the surface of water. Wink your eyes for several seconds, the foreign body will go out. The last way, is use cotton swab or clean handkerchief soaking in the cold boiled water, then sweep it softy out from your eyes. Don't rub your eyes by hands, for the sake of avoiding infection by virus. After the leaf out, adapt some eye drops to prevent your eyes from infection. I wonder about the big leaf, how did you get it into your eyes? Sounds weird!
  • fergus


    Well, it seems that you have run into some trouble. What you should do right now, is to take out those big fragments out of eyes, then used some warm water to thoroughly wash your eyes. Typically, the problem is fixed, however, if your situation continues to be bad, you can try to buy some eye drops to help you because some leaves have bacteria which could make your eyes red and even worse.

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