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Hunter jackson


Can wrap around sunglasses be made with strong prescription?

I am considering a pair of prescription wrap around sunglasses but i have a strong prescription. Will that be OK?
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  • Melissa duncan


    As I know, wrap around sunglasses can't be made with strong prescription lenses over than -5.00 because the frame is too big and it will make the lenses too thick. If you need prescription sunglasses, you'd better choose small framed ones. Or you can have your current glasses tinted to make it sunglasses.
  • Michelle


    No, i have try to buy prescription wraparound sunglasses. Luckily, i have a mild myopia and we can get prescription wraparound sunglasses. The seller told me that they are not recommend people who over -/+ 6.00 buy prescription wraparound sunglasses. This is because that wrap around sunglasses be made with strong prescription are likely cause dizziness.