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How to make eyes feel less tired?

Though I got a good amount of sleep last night, my eyes are still quite tired.
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  • fergus


    Here are some tips for decreasing eyes'fatigue. Basically, please keep a good daily life with enough sleep. And eat more vegetable and fruits with vitamin A and B, such as carrot, tomato and leek. And it's better to adjust your environment. If the air conditioner is working, it's better for you to keep enough wet as well as enough light in the room. In addition, you should take a 5 to 10 minutes break after using the computer for one hour. Even the specialized anti-fatigue eye drop is helpful, however, you had better ask doctor how to use it because 90% of eye drop has antiseptic. And you can take a eye check during a certain period to know your current condition.
  • come__tomorrow


    To make your eyes look bright, following the below tips. First, please don't stare at something for a long time. You shall frequently blink your eyes. Second, Please not stay a long time with air conditioner. Put some water on desk to increase the humidity in the air. Third, eat more fruits like oranges. Besides, vegetables also very important. Fourth, Please not work long time in front of computer.
  • DEREK Garrana


    I can recommend you three methods to make eyes feel less tired: first, close your eyes, use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to gently press your eyeballs, or gently rotate and rub. But it can not last long and cannot hard rub or press. No more than 20 seconds. Second, use three fingers of each hand to rub from the middle of forehead to the temple, and then press hard on the temple. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Third, make the abdomen of thumb affix to the bottom recess of the eyebrows, gently rub and rotate. Repeat 3 times. Then see objects too far away, make your eyeballs rotate in four directions. In addition, frequently close and blink eyes can also eliminate fatigue. If you can combine these methods with eye health, balanced diet, you can have a more effective result.
  • Elijah


    In order to make your eyes feel less tired, I think first you should relax your eyes. Do not look the near things and immediately look far things frequently such as texting a friend and watching TV at the same time. Second you can use your hands to massage your eyes softly. In this way you can release your tiredness. Last you can use some eyedropper.
  • fergus


    The tiredness of eyes is called visual fatigue. It can be caused by eye disorders, such as refractive errors, presbyopia and unsuited glasses, but in most cases by excessive watching of supernormal. The best way to avoid visual fatigue is to ensure enough rest time. You can go on a diet which can help relieve the tiredness. Chrysanthemom Tea, it's not only a good daily drinks, but also can be smeared around the eye to eliminate dropsy. Black beans and walnut companied by milk and honey is delicious for breakfast. It can strengthen the eye muscles and its ability of adjustment. When in working, you can slightly weaken the lightness of screen and leave the computer every 2~3h for 10~15min. Close your eyes, take deep breath, rub your hands until warm, cover the eyes with them, don't press, just let the eyes receive the warmth of your hands. That is wonderful.
  • Zoe Wang


    you can eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise up to 3 times a week and eat lots of fruit!your eyes may still be tired because you are not getting a restful night's sleep. For some great ways to make sure you are getting a restful night's sleep check out my buzz blog in my sources.
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