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What do you think of white sunglasses?

I saw some people look strange in a pair of white sunglasses. What do you think of them? What's your opinion on white sunglasses?
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  • b1g_head


    white sunglasses have been popular for many years and the majority of consumers are fond of them. I think they will never disappear, because of their unique appearance. And the white glasses can create a two-tone effect. A pair of white frame sunglasses can create a unique look and feel, prompting a lot of people to stay in the top fashion world for years. In the past few decades, white sunglasses are still one of the most popular designs. So far, many celebrities are using these awnings. Therefore, I think the white sunglasses style will be forever.
  • Tyler


    White sunglasses are still favored by many fashion style people especially women. These sunglasses do have the power to make women stand out and then attract more attention. as for men, white sunglasses are a bold fashion statement. I do think a man wearing white sunglasses look very hot. However, these sunglasses are not suitable for every man or women. If you want to grace your face with white sunglasses, try on these sunglasses and then find the one that suit you most.
  • Jade scott


    Well, it's difficult to say whether white sunglasses are good or not. Because it just depends on your own taste and your needs. Actually, there are many people, like you said, are wearing white sunglasses all around you. Some people think it's cool to wearing a pair of sunglasses which have bright color and in this way, it does make them feel fashionable. While other people like you think it's weird to wear white glasses. So you should know that it depends on different people. But there are also some rules in wearing sunglasses. For example, you should pay more attention to your face shape and your skin color. Only in this way can you look not so weird. For myself, I will not prefer to the white sunglasses.

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