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Jordyn carter


How to treat blurry eyes after workout?

After workout, i feel my eyesight is burry. Is it serous? Can you tell me how to treat the burry eyes?
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  • Rick Johnson


    You must have spent a lot of time using your eyes, without letting them rest for a while. The immediate treatment is to use the eyedrops to release the temporary symptom. If you want to make it happen less, you should eat more food with Vitamine A, medlar and so on to add more water inner the body. And you need to have a little rest during the work, moving your neck and have a far look outside which may adjust your vision. Or else, your eyes will be blurry after the excessive exercises again.


    The situation may be caused by lack of blood supply after movement. You can use some medicine under the guidance of doctors. And do not do much intense sports. Have some rest properly. In addition, before sleeping, you can put a wet towel in the fridge for 10 minutes, then take out and put it on your eyes, and it can help you to alleviate fatigue. If it does not work, you must go to the hospital and ask for a check.
  • Melanie


    Your situation is caused by the insufficient blood supply in your eyes during the workout. You can take some medicine under the guidance of an ophthalmologist; try not to be too intense in day-to-day movement and have a halfway proper rest. Blurry eye happened when the time for cool the body is not enough which can the intraocular pressure. It is recommended to warm up yourself before exercise, after exercise, you need pay attention to have at least one to two hours buffer time. If the occurrence of such situation happen again, it is advisable to go to the hospital for tests, because in this case, there are maybe three possible: the eye problems, the cardiovascular problems and the possible presence of over fatigue, so please pay attention to the movement of health in usual time.
  • cnpriest


    Generally speaking, a common cause of blurry vision during exercise is low blood pressure, or hypotension. If it is because of the low blood, you don't need any worry. Because a number of factors can bring this on, but those common to exercise include dehydration, allergic reactions or a lack of nutrients in the body. Exercise can also cause or exacerbate blurred vision in people with pigment glaucoma. To treat your blurry eyes, you have to stop workout and give your body time to recover. Drinking small amounts of water and eating a snack are also good way to treat it. If the blurred vision is resulting from allergies, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.