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What sunglasses lens should i get for motorcycling?

I love to ride my motorbike to go for a spin. What sunglasses lens should i get for motorcycling?
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  • Ariana oliver


    If you often motorcycling, you shall choose cycling sunglasses that are particularity made for people engaging in motorcycling. And cycling sunglasses are usually made with polarized lenses that not only shield the eyes from strong sunshine and UV rays from sunshine, but also block glares thus to give the wearer good eye protection. What's more, the cycling sunglasses lenses usually made with strong polycarbonate lenses that can block sands, flying particles and insects etc.
  • Katelyn smith


    On account of the fact that you are a motorcyclist, you should firstly take quality as well as properties into account when you choose a pair of glasses, because motorcycle riders not only need protection from sun and radiation, but also dust and wind. So in consideration of these factors, I hold the view that wrap around sunglasses are the best choice. The lenses of wrap around sunglasses are relatively bigger, covering more face so that they can prevent ultraviolet radiation from different directions and they are not easy to fall off. It is widely recommended for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • emptybot


    I think to choose a right pair of sunglasses lenses is quite important for motorcycling. Firstly, you need to choose the dark-colored lenses that can perfectly block the harmful UV and dazzling sunshine . They're cool to look and can make your eyes feel more comfortable when we're exposed to the sun. Then, you should choose the lenses that are bigger in sizes. Because they can cover and protect more skin around our eyes.

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