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Can mascara cause eye twitching?

Is it possible to lead to eye twitching because of using mascara? How mascara affect my eyes?
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  • elmo01


    I always suffer from this when I start to learn how to make up. Mascara is easily to get into eyes if you are a green hand. Then the chemical makes your eyes twitching, that's the normal reaction of your eyes. No big deal, but some discomfort. And now, you need to know something to stop that. First, you need to clean your eyes with pure water. Then, use some artificial tears to relieve your eyes. By the way, keep your eyes closed for several minutes. After these remedies, you need to use the mascara more carefully.
  • Allison


    Yes, it is possible to lead to eye twitching because of using mascara. Since mascara is one kind of eye makeup products. While some mascara may be poor in quality. So the chemistry in mascara may lead to some irritation to your eyes and your eyes could be allergic to that and be affected. Some pay attention to that when use it.
  • walkyr


    All right, it is true that sometimes the too much use of mascara could lead to some eye problems such as red eyes or other infections. However, generally speaking, it would not lead to eye twitching, but once you got red eyes or pink eyes, or if you are much too tired, you are likely to have twitching eyes. It could be seen as a health problem, so try to be careful and pay attention to your eye health.
  • k


    Can wearing too much mascara lead to eye twitching.