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Geoff Beckett


Why do people wear goggles in basketball ?

I see that some people wear goggles when they play basketball. Why? Can goggles shield their eyes?
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  • Nathan harris


    Hello, I know that some NBA players wear goggles when they are playing match. There are at least two reasons. First, if they use prescription goggles, they must use them to help them see more clearly. Second, when some players got hurt in their eyes, they may wear goggles and the goggles can protect the players' eyes.
  • bell


    Ok, it seems that you are quite interested in that phenomenon. Anyway, it happens because there are so many things in the world that seem to be weird. Maybe those people want goggles to provide them shelter from sunshine, or just pretend to be cool and mysterious. Or just want to get rid of sand or dust. Indeedm some goggles could protect their eyes from sunshine or something. So, it is just a fact of life.
  • Calvin


    goggles made up with different materials, such as organic glass, plastics. They can protect our eyes, and they are very comfortable to wear, without any stress. There are flat goggles, myopia goggles, and presbyopic goggles. So for some people with eyes problem who want to play basketball. Wearing goggles is their best choice. goggles can provide them the clear vision, and avoid the direct hit of the ball. I bet the clear vision and the comfortable wearing are the main reason.
  • jas



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