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Brittany green


What is a refraction eye exam?

I want t get more info about Eye Refraction Test, anyone can help me?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    The refraction eye exam is also called eye test or vision examination. It is just a simple procedure that performed by an eye doctor to check a person's eyesight. After the eye text, They will tell you the prescription that can use for contact lenses or eyeglasses. Besides, the refraction eye exam can also help the eyes doctor determine if the person suffers from some eye problems like detached retina, damaged retina and infections of cornea etc.
  • cody88


    The purpose is to know about the refractive degree of the eyeballs. First of all, the optician should ask about your history of eye disorders. Secondly, the naked eyes will be tested for the distance and near vision, then the perimetry and color vision. And to tell if both eyeballs move the same distance and at the same speed or not. Still, the general inspection of the eye, that is eyelid, eye margin, conjunctiva, cornea, the anterior chamber, pupil, lens, fundus and elementary test of intraocular pressure. After all these tests, the optician will do the optometry, which includes insert optometry and retinoscopy, so that the prescription of your glasses can be determined.