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How to take something out of your eye?

How can I take something out of my eye?Do u guys know anything about that?
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  • emi47678


    Well,first of all, u need to relax.I know that u must feel uncomfortable when something gets in to ur eyes,I can understand this.It must make u feel annoyed.But don't worry,I have some small tips for u.U should have some mild eye drops.And I canensure u that u wil be fine cuz this can never be a serious problem.
  • Bug


    Dear friend, what kind of foreign objects have you got in your eyes? If it is just an eyelash, don't worry, though it may be a little hurt while it will not do great damage to your eyes. You just need to wet your towel and wipe your eyes from the nose side to the temple side for several times gently then you can get it out. But if they are sand, I think you need to see an eye doctor immediately.