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Savannah taylor


How to relieve burning eyes from allergies ?

I guess i got eye allergies. After eating some peanut, my mouth swelling. And my eyes watering and burning. I feel really bad. How can i relieve burning eyes from allergies ? Also, i can i get rid of this allergies?
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  • Kimberly Y


    I am so sorry to heard that you are suffered from allergies. And there are some people that are allergic to peanut. I have a friend who experience peanut allergies. And his situation is almost the same to you. And we have no idea to help him. So, we send him to a clinic. And the doctor give him some medication and put on a drip to him. After about on hour, he recovered from the swelling mouth and eyes. So, i think you shall go to see a doctor, too.
  • Katie


    If it is allergy cause your burning eyes, you can apply some over the counter eye drops. Also, some antibiotic eye drops may help you relieve from watery and burning eyes. However, they can not cure your all symptoms caused by peanut allergy. You still need a doctor to help your (help reduce the swelling mouth). Maybe you can get help from taking some antibiotic medicine. But it may take some time to release those symptoms caused by peanut allergies.

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