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Gabriella rodney


How to stop onion burning eyes?

I love to eat onion. However, every time i cut onion, it give me burning and watery eyes. I feel really bad each time when i cut it. Is there anyway to help me? How can i stop onion burning eyes?
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  • handxrxtied


    To avoid burning eyes from onion. You can shall freeze the onion about 10-20 minutes before cutting them. After freezing them, you can cut the entire onion into several pieces. Then rinse the onion into salt water, and peel them by layer. And this way work perfectly. I often cut onion in this way and i won't get burning and watery eyes. You can have a try, too.
  • Kyle owen


    Oh, it is normal to got burning eyes when you cut onion. Don't worry, the burning eyes can go away themselves with several minutes. And the best way to stop onion burning eyes is prevention. The next time when you cut onion, you shall keep the onion away from you and then cut them into pieces quickly. Then, put all onion into water. And then peel the onion in water. It would be much better. You can have a try.