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Samuel hill


How to make craft sunglasses for kids?

I want to make some craft sunglasses for my kids for fun. What material do i need? What should i do?
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  • waldron143


    You should prepare glue, Printable card stock, Scissors, Cellophane paper, and Pencil for the craft sunglasses. First, you should print out the sunglasses templates on heavy card stock. Then use scissors to cut all three template pieces and the eyeholes as well. Next, make them as the shape of glasses and unfold them to glue each temple piece. Then you can decorate the sunglasses with decorative materials you like. Next, cut cellophane paper to make the lenses of sunglasses. Finally, use glue to stick he cellophane lens around the eyeholes.
  • Ethan


    If you just make craft sunglasses or fun, Some simple tolls will help you make a pair of glasses. In detail, Printable card stock, Scissors, Cellophane paper, Glue, Pencil and things you want to use to decorate your eyeglasses such as puffy paint, stickers, rhinestones etc. You can first design and draw front frame, and temples on a Cellophane paper and painted it with colors. Then, use Scissors to cut the out. And use Glue to make the glasses. At last, use decoration to makeup your glasses.
  • misty C.


    You may firstly make the parts of the sunglasses: frame, hinge, spring hinge, tip, temple and so on. Then you may assemble them with glue according to the sunglasses' shape. In fact, you do need to make it so complicate. Nowadays sunglasses for kids are very popular and of various styles for you to choose. Just go to some online stores, and you may have new discoveries. They are beautiful, good for children, designed especially for kids and of inexpensive price. Do not wear a pair of sunglasses on kids casually, for that may do harm to kids' eyes. The lens of specialized kids sunglasses are designed according to kids' conditions, which will not only make children look fashionable but also can protect their eyes.