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Riley eddy


Do chanel sunglasses have serial numbers?

Do all chanel sunglasses have serial numbers? Can i judge if the sunglasses are real according to their serial numbers?
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  • eddy


    Maybe you have a lack of information about Chanel, which is an International fashion brand, founded in France, Chanel is now making a wide variety of products, including sunglasses. Because there are so many fakes on the market, they have employed serial numbers as a means of protecting their customers' rights. Of course you could judge the products' authenticity bt checking the numbers with their clerks.
  • charmed83


    Well, yes, all the Chanel sunglasses have serial numbers, so you can just use this to spot the fake one. As we know that Chanel sunglasses are expensive, fashionable eye wear. And to spot the fake one, there are some tips you can follow. For example, you can just look at each arm of the sunglasses frame. Generally speaking, it should have the Chanel signature logo near the temple area on the outer portion. The inner right arm should have a Chanel copyright symbol "(C)" or trademark "(TM)" symbol after the word Chanel. And at the same time, the other arm should contain a serial number. That can be a clue to identify them. By the way, you should know that authentic sunglasses should come with a certificate of authenticity and a warranty from Chanel.
  • Calgary Canadian


    I'm a firm believer that nowadays like the guy who wrote didn't answer number two it was. Basically All these brands have to do it to protect themselves from China. And I'm assuming they have a way of pulling up whatever lying you referring to. And you being able to give them that reference number or serial number? But in this day and age the problem with China is they make a lot of things and so they have the proper molds. And they get access to all sorts of proprietary information. Do US Citizens are worried about Donald Trump when the real threat is China. Anyways Hope this is helpful. No one was able to answer my question, but that's not too big of a deal.