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J Bell


What does squinting eyes mean?

I heard some people talked about squinting eyes. Can you tell me what does squinting eyes mean?
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  • Brittany green


    Well, generally speaking, when you get squinting eyes, it can cause wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. And people will suffer squinting eyes from excessive sunlight exposure. And it can be dangerous to have squinting eyes. It can cause many problems such as headache, the dry eyes, dark circles under your eyes, even the vision sight. You should know that squinting can make your eyes' muscle become stressed. And if it occurs for a long time, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, being harm to your eyes. so just be careful about it.
  • Kelly


    Squint is a term indicating two eyes are not pointing the same direction. When you find that someone looks at something with his eyes partly closed, you should know he has the squint. Also, when you are exposed in the sunshine, you think your eyes feel uncomfortable,and you should know there is some relationship between your eyes with the squint eyes. In addition, someone call the squint "glancing sideways". For example, when you look away or askance something that you do not like, you will squint it (pls note the squint is not a disease here but just a verb to show someone's emotion). Nevertheless, some people are willing to squint because squinting can help them look clear.